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With a 60 percent fat formula, the Adeptus Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 Coat & Weight Gain Horse Supplement offers many benefits, including supporting weight gain and coat quality. The healthy fats of this formula come from stabilized flaxseed, rice bran, sea algae and soy oils, and they offer high omega-3 fatty acid levels for easy digestion and natural anti-inflammatory properties. The supplement offers calm calories, so it won’t make your horse hot. It can also support stallion fertility, show horse performance and shiny eye-catching coats, making it suitable for a variety of horses. Because this supplement is made with a prebiotic yeast base that contains no alfalfa or extra sugar, it’s ideal for all horses, including those with metabolic issues.

  • 60% fat formula supports weight gain, stallion fertility, overall performance and coat quality.
  • Healthy fats from stabilized flaxseed, rice bran, sea algae and soy oils.
  • High omega-3 fatty acid levels are easily digested and have natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vegetable Fats, Stabilized Flax Meal, Corn Distiller's Dried Grain With Solubles, Yeast Culture, Calcium Carbonate, Seaweed Meal, Stabilized Rice Bran, Silicon Dioxide, Mixed Tocopherols & Propionic Acid (Preservatives).

Introduce gradually over several days. A 1 oz. scoop (28.4 grams) is enclosed. Feed 1 to 2 oz. (1 to 2 scoops) per day.
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