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Cleaning your pet’s fur off your furniture, floors and clothes can be a hassle, so help stop shedding before it starts with Andi’s Deshedding Dog Tool. This tool is designed and engineered in the USA to help remove dead fur from your companion’s undercoat and help reduce shedding by up to 90%! The stainless-steel, curved teeth work to remove loose hair from all types of shedding breeds, while the soft-grip ergonomic handle sits comfortably in your palm for added control while grooming. Routine brushing can help stimulate the natural oils in your pup’s skin and encourage a healthier and shinier coat.

  • Designed with stainless-steel, curved teeth that help remove loose and dead hair from your dog’s undercoat.
  • Helps reduce up to 90% of shedding, when used as part of your dog’s regular grooming routine.
  • Soft-grip, ergonomic handle provides comfort and control.
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