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Quic Braid is the leading professional braiding product in its category. Quic Braid provides total mane and tail control that offers the perfect ‘grip’ for your fingers, neither slippery or sticky, for tighter braids, neater bands and minimal stray hairs. Your go-to finishing product for all types of styling or training for your horse’s mane and tail. You can train stand-up manes and tail to lie flat. Best of all, Quic Braid combs right out without washing, allowing easier mane and tail care for days, after any event. The formula is designed especially for show-ring results and is superior to using water or human styling product alternatives. We recommend using Quic Shampoo and Quic Conditioner prior to styling with Quic Braid. Best results are seen on a clean, conditioned mane and tail. Groom like you mean it!

  • Imparts saturated, rich color and brilliant highlights.
  • Restores color to clipped or sunburned coats.
  • Removes scurf with deep-cleaning, easy-rinse formula.

Shake well. Work one section at a time, spray onto dry or damp clean hair, than braid or band as usual. Re-Spray braid when finished, later as needed. MANE TRAINING Shake Well. Work one section of mane at a time. Spray clean hair until wet with Quic Braid. Using stiff bristle brush, brush mane forward, angling toward the horses cheek. Part next section and repeat, keeping the strands wet so they will dry in place. Repeat daily until mane remains in place.
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