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Manna Pro

Clever toy designed be hung in the stall with the rope provided and used with the Standard Likit Treat (650g). Made of durable plastic, this toy is easy to assemble and use. As your horse plays with the toy which is hung freely in the stable, it will move, which will make your horse work harder for their reward. Standard Likit Treat sold separately.

  • Easiest way to start using Likits!
  • Scientifically proven to reduce stall weaving.
  • Made from virtually unbreakable ABS plastic.
  • Includes an attractive lead rope.

1. Hang your Likit Holder from a strong beam well away from any walls (incorrect positioning will result in increased consumption). 2. The center of the Likit Holder should be level with your horses or pony's withers. 3. If you do not have a beam or some other area to hang the Likit Holder try running a piece of rope or bailer twine from top corner to opposite diagonal corner and use to suspend the Likit holder.
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