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Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait contains the premium active ingredient Bromethalin, excellent for proven control of high rodent populations and severe infestations. Bromethalin is an acute, non-anticoagulant active that will begin to kill rats & mice in 2 or more days, faster than anticoagulant baits. Due to a quick knockdown when compared to anticoagulants, more rodents can be controlled with less bait. Tomcat with Bromethalin Bait is an exclusive oat & grain formula designed for maximum palatability and is ideal for use when competing food sources are available. Meal Bait is a versatile enough for many uses, and is labeled for applications in rat burrows beyond 100 ft of buildings.

  • Premium active - Excellent for knockdown of rodent populations or severe infestations.
  • Proven combination of palatability and effective control.
  • Bromethalin is an acute, non-anticoagulant active ingredient.
  • Kills by affecting the rodents’ nervous system – Bromethalin is an ATP Inhibitor, which prevents the transfer of energy across nerve cells.
  • Kills rats and mice in 2 or more days after consuming a lethal dose.
  • Rodents will cease feeding after consuming a lethal dose, requiring less bait to be used compared with other anticoagulant baits.
  • Meal Bait is an exclusive oat & grain formula designed for maximum rodent acceptance.
  • Ideal for use when competing food sources are available.
  • Bromethalin, Denatonium Benzoate.

Manufacturers Warnings:

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. READ THIS LABEL: Read this entire label and follow all use directions and use precautions. Use only for sites, pests, and application methods described on the label. Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals CAUTION: Harmful if swallowed. Keep away from children, domestic animals and pets. All handlers (including applicators) must wear shoes, socks, and gloves. Any person who retrieves carcasses or unused bait following application of this product must wear gloves.

Safety Data Sheets:

Click Here to Download Safety Data Sheet

IMPORTANT: Do not expose children, pets or nontarget animals to rodenticides. To help prevent exposure: 1. Store unused product out of reach
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