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The Petmate Fresh Flow Home Purifying Pet Fountain promotes healthy hydration for your pet with moving water that encourages animals to drink. Water flows from the top down a gentle slope, filling the bowl before being re-circulated through a charcoal filter to preserve freshness.

  • Clean, flowing water promotes hydration and improves your pet's health.
  • Sleek bowl shape provides quiet water flow.
  • Stainless Base.
  • Water is gently re-circulated, flowing through a 360 degree drain.
  • Durable and easy to clean.

Manufacturers Warnings:

Intended for animals only

Pump may take 2-3 minutes before it begins circulating water. This allows time for air to be removed from pump. The pump is silent. You will not hear anything except the flowing of water down the slope. Mineral build-up from tap water, or water from other sources can ruin the pump. If hard water is a problem, bottled water is recommended. The pump may need occasional cleaning to remove build up, especially when using hard water. If debris is caught in the intake vents of the pump, disconnect the pump from any power sources and rinse the pump under clean running water. Check strainer and intake vents once a week for pet hair and debris. Remove as needed. Always unplug unit before performing any type of maintenance. Filter Maintenance: Check charcoal filter after two weeks. Replace filter once a month for usage by one pet. Homes with multiple pets will require more frequent replacement. Cleaning: Bowl, reservoirs and all plastic parts may need to be cleaned with mild dish soap. Do not place in dishwasher. Damage: Inspect all plastic parts at this time for cracks or damage that could facilitate water leaking onto floor. Adding Water: Add water to storage reservoir when it appears low. You must remove the reservoir to add water to it. Water may also be added to bowl by pouring slowly from a cup directly into the bowl. Pump Cleaning: Unplug unit. Remove pump intake top cover. Use fingernail to pry second cover up. Remove second cover. Remove impeller. Soak in solution of two parts vinegar and one part water for 2-3 hours. Clean impeller with q-tip. Rinse well and reassemble.
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