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Biodegradable non-toxic formulation that offers complete neutralization of unpleasant odors by modifying odors (including skunk odor) at the source, without heavy perfuming. Odaway® absorbs and destroys odor on contact, while leaving the air fresh and clean. Odaway® odor absorber controls a wide range of odors and is ideal for use in barns and livestock areas, as well as for common odors in the home. Odaway® can be misted in the air or applied directly to the source of unwanted odors. Available in 4oz, 15oz BOV (continuous spray) and quart sizes.

  • Absorbs & Destroys on Contact.
  • Bidegradable & Non-Toxic.
  • No Heavy Perfumes - Fresh & Clean Scent.
  • Water Based Formula.
  • Ideal for Use in Home or in the Barn.
  • Ready-to-use Spray: Mist in the Air or Apply to the Source.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: GENERAL USE: Lightly spray carpet, furniture, drapes, A/C filters, clothing, equipment. KENNELS, CAGES, STALLS, BEDDING, TRAILERS, BARNS, HOME, AUTO: Mist in the air or directly spray on surfaces. Repeat as needed. Do not over-spray to saturation. LAUNDRY: Add 1–2 oz. to the final rinse. CLEANING: Mix 2–4 oz. per gallon of water. SKUNKED PET: Fully rinse pet, spray the animal with ODAWAY® paying extra attention to the skunked area and work thoroughly into the coat. Completely rinse and spot treat if needed. Use your favorite shampoo as directed, then dry.
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