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Healthy Habitat is a cleaner and deodorizer specifically formulated to effectively eliminate soiling and odors caused by non-living organic animal and food waste. Healthy Habitat is safe to use with the animal in the habitat.

  • Formulated using naturally based SmartZyme technology and botanicals to effectively eliminate odors and soiling caused by non-living organic animal and food waste.
  • For dogs, cats, reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, rabbits... and more!
  • For use with any pet habitat on all surfaces within habitat, such as: glass, heat rocks, gravel, artificial plants, etc.
  • Water, Natural Enzymes, Organic Stabilizers.

1. Remove solid waste. 2. Spray or wipe on surfaces to be cleaned. 3. For odors, spray/mist over pet environment.
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