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Natural Chemistry Ruffled Feathers Bird Bath Cleaner & Deodorizer is a highly effective, natural formula for daily misting, bathing and plumage care. This gentle spray contains safe, naturally based enzymes that gently penetrate your bird's feathers to clean and revitalize skin, while keeping her natural oil glands clean and open. It effectively dissolves food waste, soil and odors, leaving plumage silky and sleek.

  • Highly effective, natural formula cleans and deodorizes for softer, brighter plumage.
  • Designed for daily misting, bathing and plumage car.
  • Contains safe, naturally based enzymes.
  • Water, Natural Enzymes, Organic Stabilizers.

Hold product approximately 8 inches from bird and lightly mist on feathers, avoiding head, eyes and beak. Do not allow bird to chill. No need to rinse. Can be used on all caged birds. Store below 120° F. Do not allow product to freeze.
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